• "On-chain data analytics — the lifeblood of informed decision-making — remains predominantly siloed in private platforms, behind paywalls, illegible to the average reader and largely beyond reach of regular users."

    - Jim Meyers, Flipside Cyrpto in Coindesk 2024

  • Unlock the Full Potential of Blockchain Data

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    Founded by experts in public data analysis, we bridge the vast world of blockchain data with the simplicity of accessible analytics and strategic intelligence.


    Blockchain data is the new public data, but it’s far from free or accessible and we understand that data only serves you when coupled with interpretation and recommended tactics.


    We guide customers through the complex landscape of cryptocurrency markets beyond protocol-specific analyses, technical price charts, and siloed reports to create holistic, risk-wise crypto portfolios.  

  • Where Data Meets Clarity — our capabilities


    • Unlocking the full potential of blockchain data: With an ecosystem level view, access curated and standardized on-chain data and dive into the economic activity, user behavior, and emerging trends within the crypto world.


    • High end intelligence: We dont leave you with the data or the reports, we provide the meta-data, standard definitions and methodologies as well as the mental models required to build a portfolio of assets and understand the market from an ecosystem level.


    • Community and Collaboration: Join a community where insights and action make the difference. We are committed to engaging with the most forward thinking, open and revenue sharing protocols and tools in the space.


    • Combination of crypto and non crypto: we integrate on chain and off chain data to generate theses and reports, but also integrate relevant non crypto data including traditional finance data, macro geopolitical intelligence and general consumer and sentiment data.


    • For everyone: Whether you're a retail investor or a family office just entering the crypto market or a seasoned crypto pro looking to answer the questions you haven’t been able to, Directional’s toolkit of thesis driven mental models, curated and accessible data, definitions, metadata and standardized methodologies can serve you in building and/ or managing your portfolio. 

  • Services: Tailored Insights for

    Your Business

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    Leverage our expertise in data analytics to uncover actionable insights and make informed decisions. Our consulting services are the bridge between your data challenges and strategic victories.


  • Questions we help you ask and answer


    What are the investable sectors of crypto?


    What are the patterns of liquidity flows?


    How do I think about stablecoins?


    What are the active long and short investor opportunities?


    What are the categories for passive investment?


    Where are the risk pockets in the different ecosystems?


    What macro cycles should I be paying attention to?


    What data should I be using, how do I access it?


    How do I QC data when it all seems so black-box?


    Where do I find vetted and reliable metrics, how do I trust the methodologies?

  • Testimonials

    - 6ixth Event

    “Directional allows us to quantify our thesis- driven hypotheses. Managing a crypto portfolio requires thinking through many risk scenarios and a very particular set of questions. Directional ensures we are asking the right questions and minimizing blind spots.”



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